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Assortment of fresh bread and butter € 1.80
Appetiser of the day € 3.80
Strips of breaded squid with red hot ketchup € 4.50
Deep fried sardines with tartar sauce € 4.50
Salted cod fritters with garlic mayonnaise € 4.00
Prawns enveloped in batter with sweet chilli sauce € 5.50
Spicy onion rings and guacamole (Veg.) € 3.90


Seasonal melon with Iberian smoked ham and Port reduction € 9.50
Clams simmered in white wine, coriander and garlic € 19.00
Fried prawns with garlic and parsley € 15.50
Fresh goat cheese salad with tomato, virgin olive oil and basil € 8.50
Prawns, green apple and sweet corn salad with cocktail sauce € 14.50
Goat cheese and spinach flaky pastry (Veg.) € 8.50


Vegetable soup € 3.50
Tomato, prawns, coriander and egg bread soup € 5.50
The Chef's special fish and seafood soup € 4.50

Seafood and Fish

* See the price of the day

All the dishes are accompanied with roast new baby potatoes and a selection of vegetables

Seafood and fish rice with fresh coriander € 19.50
Fish and seafood served in its clam-shell dish (cataplana) 19.50
Monkfish and prawn pasta served in its casserole dish 18.50
Salted cod steak sautéed with peppers and onion 17.50
Tiger prawns sautéed with chilli pepper and lemon € 23.00
Canadian lobster in a white bean casserole (2 pax) € 52.00
Golden bream, sea bass, or sea bream roast in a box of sea salt € *Kg P.V.V

From the Grill

Grouper RedFish
Corvina Golden Bream
Sole Squid
Tuna Steak Red Sea Bream
Turbot Sea Bream
Sea Bass Ray
White Sea Bream Red Mullet
Giant Tiger Prawns Ruby-Red King Prawns
Grilled Lobster Common Lobster
* See the price of the day


Fillet mignon kebab € 17.00
Chuck steaks with hand-harvested sea salt and olive oil with black pepper (250 gr.) 19.50
Lamb chops with oregano 16.50
Red hot chilli chicken 10.00
Sirloin steak Portuguese style € 19.50
Black Iberian pork loin fillets marinated with sweet pepper € 15.50
* All dishes are served with baked new baby potatoes and a vegetable selection

Side Dishes

Mixed salad € 2.50
Sta. Eulália salad € 2.50
Creamed spinach € 3.50
White rice € 3.00
French fries € 3.00
Vegetables of the day € 3.00

Children´s Menu

Breaded mozzarella sticks with rice € 7.50
Breaded chicken nuggets with rice € 5.50
Breaded fish fillets with rice € 6.50
Ham and cheese pizza € 6.00
Grilled chicken steak with peas € 6.50
Fusilli pasta with vegetables, tomato and basil € 6.50


Selection of desserts from our counter € 4.50
Caramel pudding, fresh fruit and chantilly € 4.00
White chocolate and raspberry mousse with red berry sauce € 4.00
Fresh fruit salad € 4.00
Seasonal fresh fruit (melon, orange, watermelon, apple) € 3.00
Your choice from our selection of ice-creams (2 balls) € 5.00
Serra cheese with toast squares, quince jelly and a taste of Port wine € 8.50

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Santa Eulália


From 07:00pm to 11:00pm

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