Arquivo de Holistic Therapies - Grande Real Santa Eulália Resort & Hotel Spa


A complementing therapy which applies specific pressure to the sole of the foot, stimulating the entire reflexive area of the internal organs. Promotes health and psychological well-being, balancing the entire human system.


Massage of Indian origin with therapeutic effects at a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Through deep touches with hands, elbows and feet, this technique relieves tensions, strengthens the immunity system and reduces stress.

Thai / Shiatsu

Japanese ancestral therapy aimed at the restoration and maintenance of health through pressure applied to localized points along the meridian lines of the body. Enables restoring energy balance as it flows into the organs, glands, muscles, nerves and blood, unblocking energy flows and promoting the harmonious regeneration of the body.


A Japanese technique which enables the channeling of universal energy through the use of hands. Therapy which establishes vital energy balance, enhancing health and well-being.

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