Arquivo de Thalassotherapy Treatments - Grande Real Santa Eulália Resort & Hotel Spa

Steam Room

Relaxing Vichy Shower with 4 Hands and Sweet Orange

Massage shower with sea or fresh water at 38º C which combines 5 jets of water with a massage given by 2 therapists simultaneously, together with the calming effects of sweet orange.

Relaxing Vichy Shower for Muscle Well-Being with 2 Hands and Rosemary

Massage shower with sea or fresh water at 38º C at a low pressure complemented with a localised massage given by 2 hands. The combination of the water with the massage and rosemary oil assures the stimulation of circulation and muscle strengthening.

Detox Hydromassage with Algae Extracts

Slimming hydromassage which drains the tissues through the effects of the seaweed by speeding up the natural process of elimination of fats and toxins.

Relaxing Hydromassage with Camomile

Treatment which combines the benefits of sea or fresh water and with the calming action of camomile, promoting greater oxygenation of the tissues and improved blood circulation.

Toning Hydromassage with Eucalyptus Essential Oils

Immersion in water with eucalyptus essential oils which assures muscle toning and relaxation of the mind.

Jet Shower

Jets of seawater or freshwater of variable pressure and temperatures between 37º and 42º C. Treatment indicated for problems of the circulatory, musculoskeletal and cellulite sphere.

Hydromassage with Underwater Massage

Massage by a therapist in a tub with high pressure jets of water which enables improving blood circulation.

Thalassotherapy Circuit Pool

A heated circuit of living Atlantic Ocean water with 5 or 8 stations of hydromassage jets and air bubbles. Contributes to the guidance, prevention and recovery of physical and psychic well-being

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