Portuguese Themed Buffet with Show-Cooking

With a gastronomy as rich and varied as the Portuguese one, we are proud to be able to present it and give it to taste, to those who visit us.

During the summer, every day, at Real Cozinha for dinner, we will travel around Portugal and discover the different regional cuisines. A themed buffet every day, with show-cooking.

On Saturday we’re going to the North, in the Douro, Minho and Trás-os-Montes Region, on Sunday we’ll stay here in the Algarve, Monday we’ll go up again to the Beiras Region, Tuesday we’ll stay nearby, in Alentejo, Wednesday we’ll try the Mediterranean cuisine, on Thursday we take a short trip to our Islands and on Friday we close the week with Ribatejo.

For children we have a special buffet. More information at reception!