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Tailor Made

Tailor Made Programs: programs customized to achieve results targeted to individual needs. A programa consists of 3 or more daily treatments selected according to the client’s needs and availability.

Detox and Slimming Treatment

Detoxifying and slimming treatment that guarantees deep skin detoxification and oxygenation through the action of seaweed.

60 min.
Firming, Detox
Beauty Express

Beauty treatment that iluminates and revitalizes the skin with immediate results.

35 min.
Intense Nourishing

Intensely hydrating treatment specially designed for dehydrated, dry and sensitive skin. Deeply moisturizes restores elasticity, reduces wrinkles, brightens, and appeases the skin.

55 min.
Hydrating, Rejuvenating
Firming and Lifting Metamorphosis

Specialized treatment to firm the skin, sculp the face and restore the radiance of the complexion. A visibly younger and more radiant skin.

80 min.
Firming, Rejuvenating
Antioxidant and Detox Blue Light

Antioxidant and detoxifying care that eliminates impurities heavy metals and stimulates cell regeneration performed with natural and organic cosmetics.

80 min.

Set of Thai massage techniques where the therapist uses his feet, knees, thumbs, palms and elbows as well as pressure, compression and stretching at specific points on the patient’s body to unblock energy nodes and promote the circulation of vital energy.

80 min. = 115€

50 min.
Equilíbrio físico, emocional e espiritual

Therapeutic massage technique aimed at balancing body and mind through the pressure of the fingers or palms of the hands performed on certain areas of the body. It is used to increase the patient’s energy and self-awareness as well as regulate and improve the functioning of organs, in addition to stimulating greater immunity against diseases.

80 min. = 115€

Physical, emotional and spiritual balance
Atlantic Breeze Remineralizing Ritual

Un unwinding treatment alternates skin care with an energizing massage with digital point pressure to release tension. Deeply relaxing, your body is grounded and rejuvenated.

75 min.
Serenity Ritual Breeze of the Algarve

Throughout the treatment a set of elements stimulate the senses from touch to smell, evoking a fresh sea breeze that fails on warm skin, the intense aromas of coconut that recall the beach and the aromas of orange that recall the fragance of the orange trees in Algarve flowers. A real sensory escape that calms the body, surrounding it with a sense of peace and lightness.

80 min.